Divorced Man in the Dating Scene – The Advantages You Might Overlook

Divorced Man

Have you ever thought twice about checking the “divorced” box when completing an online dating profile?  Do you get sweaty palms or reach for your wine when you know it’s time to tell an attractive date that you’ve already walked down the aisle of holy matrimony?

Many men consider divorce a failure, and they assume that women will see that failure as a red flag.  I have a different perspective on this issue, and I encourage you to embrace your marital history for all the benefits that it can bring to your dating life.

Instead of thinking of divorce as a failure, think of the advantages that it gives you when entering future relationships. If you’re scratching your head trying to think of ways that ending a previous marriage could help you get ahead in the dating game, let’s consider some of the big advantages that a savvy woman will likely see in you.

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The Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Make After Divorce

Post Divorce Dating Mistakes

Dating after divorce is hard.  I know because I’m living it.

After being married for 8-10 years, I can still remember the anxiety that I felt as I prepared to re-enter the dating world.  I was navigating unfamiliar territory.  I now wish I had a cheat sheet to help me avoid the inevitable blunders I was to make along the way.

My loss is your gain as I’ve analyzed the top dating mistakes that men make after divorce.

But this isn’t just a list.  In addition to giving insight into the cause of these mistakes, I’ll provide some practical tips for avoiding these situations and recovering should you have already committed an offense.

Dating norms have changed since you were single.  Instead of wasting your time fumbling around the dating world, come with me as I teach you how to easily spot and avoid these mistakes.  Your love life depends on it.

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Dating After Divorce with Kids – The Single Dad’s How-to Guide

If you’re a divorced man, you know that dating after divorce with kids can get complicated.  As if being a father wasn’t complicated enough, you now have the potential to screw-up two separate worlds: your family life and your love life.

We all know that divorce is more difficult when kids are involved.  But did you know that this rule also applies to dating?

Why is this?

Because when you’re divorced and dating with kids, there are three parties that you must keep happy: your ex-wife, your girlfriend, and most importantly your kids.  Any mistake you make in one aspect of your life can have a ripple-effect in others.

This article provides tips to help you successfully manage both your love life and your responsibilities as a father after divorce.  Believe it or not, these two worlds can absolutely exist harmoniously side-by-side.

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How Long should a Man Wait to Date After Divorce?

Waiting to Date After Divorce

You survived the separation and your divorce is finally on the books.  At last, you’re off the emotional roller-coaster and can focus on the next stage of your life.  A great first step toward a new beginning is to do a little dating.

But is dating something you should even consider right after your divorce?  How long should you wait to date after your divorce or separation?

I’ll answer those questions and more in this in-depth analysis of post-divorce dating.  Are you truly ready to date?

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Dating During Divorce – 8 Rules to Keep your Shirt & Sanity

Man dating after divorce is broke

Dating during divorce is real predicament that men must grapple with, and it comes with very real dangers.   Ask someone who works with divorcees and they’ll tell you the safest answer to the question “Should I date during divorce?” is a categorical “No!”

But as anyone who has gone through a divorce knows, life is never that simple.  Let’s face it, some divorces drag on for years.  Further, many marriages are over long before any divorce proceedings start.

So what’s the harm in having a little fun and dating during your divorce?

In this article, I’m going to explain exactly what it is you have to fear.  And you should be very afraid.

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Emergency Fund Basics for the Newly Divorced

Divorce can be emotionally heartbreaking, and it can leave even the strongest man in a fragile state. More than that, divorce can wreak havoc on your financial state, adding insult to injury and enhancing the stress you may be feeling.

Many men unfortunately find that the divorce process itself is costly because of legal fees and settlement agreements.  But the liquidation of assets to pay off debts and other factors can also add to a disastrous financial situation.

If you have been left virtually penniless from your divorce, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to get your life back on track.  It will take a lot of time, hard work, and effort to piece together your life after a divorce.

One of the first steps you should take to get back on track financially is to establish an emergency fund.

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