Online Dating is the Essential Tool for Single Men

Man using online dating

Is online dating the end of the line for the lonely and the desperate? Not anymore! Times have changed and the stigma once associated with online dating has almost disappeared.

The number of people who have found life-long partners through dating services like is astounding and continues to grow each year.

Come with me as I lay out to you why online dating is now a necessity for men looking compete for the most desirable women.

Online dating trends have continued to skew toward acceptance

Remember when people were scared to use their credit cards online? I do.

To excel at dating, you need an online dating presence

You need to be where the action is happening.

Have you looked for a job on an online job board?

You better have a LinkedIn account

Want to stand-out among software developres

Get your reputation up on Stack Overflow

Online dating is no different.

Compare to LinkedIn, GitHub.

Online dating for men: the last resort of the lonely and desperate? Not in 2015! If you’re looking for dating scene advice for single men, here’s mine: Get online and start dating!

Still skeptical? According to Pew Research Center, it’s time you lost that 2005 mind-set!

Back in 2005, most people still thought that online dating was a bit weird and creepy. But by 2013, 59% of people felt that online dating was a good way to meet people.

As for creating an image of ‘desperation’, only 20% of people subscribe to that idea. And since you won’t meet any of these dinosaurs on dating sites anyway, you don’t have to let that bother you.

Social Media Week reports that the most popular way to meet a new partner was through friends. How do friends communicate these days? Online of course. So it’s only natural that online dating comes in a close second as the most popular ways to find dates.

The drawbacks of dating the ‘old-fashioned’ way

Sure, traditional approaches to dating worked at some point. I mean, I wrote this article and you’re on my website reading it. So at some point the nice folks that created us likely went on a date, and even did so without knowledge of a world wide web.

But times have changed and we now live in a technological society. I no longer have to use a typewriter and white-out to write articles. It’s much faster to use an online blogging platform, hit Enter, and make it available to my readers instantaneously.

Is there anything stopping me from crafting this article on a typewriter, make copies, then sending them via snail mail to each of my readers? Of course not! Would it be absolutely insane to do so when better tools are readily available. Absolutely! Modern dating strategies are no different.

Here are a few more arguments for leveraging technology in your search for meaningful dates.

Find prospective dates where people actually socialize

Even as a single man, I simply don’t have time to go out with friends every evening, or even once a week to be honest. I last saw my best friend a month ago. How often do you socialize with your friends?

On the other hand, it’s easy to go online at any time of the day or night and communicate with anyone in my social circle. Everyone, including your friends and potential dates, is online.

Hanging with you friends at the local pub is fun and sometimes a necessity, but if you’re looking to meet new women you need to have an active presence where single, engaging women congregate: online dating websites.

Dating the ‘old-fashioned’ way is Extremely Inefficient

If you limit your dating pool to casual acquaintances or friends of friends, you’re limiting your dating prospects exponentially.

Obviously, your social circle is also finite. Especially once you reach a certain age, not many of the people you meet will be single. That seriously limits your options. Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of women hoping to get a date online. Internet dating allows you to pick and choose.

Keeping your ‘worlds’ separate

Are your friend’s frends your enemies?

As for dating people you meet through friends, there are several potential snags, not least the possibility of your friends getting involved if things don’t work out between you and your date. Then of course there’s gossip in your social circle and a host of other potential complications that you won’t encounter as easily online.

The expectations on these sites are low

Let’s get this straight, nobody’s expecting you to be deadly serious about a long-term relationship with them the minute you meet them on a dating site.

If any woman does make this assumption, she’s a bit of a nut, and it’d be best to steer clear. Yes, you may be hoping to find a perfect partner through dating women, but to begin with, all you (and the women you meet) want is a date and some good company. If fireworks happen, you can always take it from there.

Enrich your social life

In the meanwhile, you’ve got a great opportunity to enrich your social life, make new friends and enjoy fun times. And both of you get to call the shots in advance of any meeting.

Dating in fast-foward

You actually get to know more about your prospective dates’ personality and preferences a whole lot faster online than off. That can save you from confronting a deal-breaker on the first date or worse still, after several months of dating.

Of course, there is a limit to what you can discover online. You can get along very well with a woman online, only to find that there’s no magic ingredient, no ‘chemistry’ when you meet in person. Mind you, chemistry makes a lot of single men get into relationships with ‘eyes wide shut’, so I figure it makes sense to work out if you get along first and discover if there’s chemistry second.

Dating for men holds far fewer pitfalls if you start the relationship online. What’s important to you? You can filter search results according to what you like and don’t like in a woman when you use Pick an age range. If religion is important to you, look for women who share your faith and so on. Match is known to have the most advanced search criteria on the net. No wonder it’s also the most visited dating site online.

eHarmony takes a slightly different approach. It does your searching for you. When you sign up, you get to say how important certain characteristics are. Should she be a non-smoker? Do you prefer a woman who drinks, or a teetotaler? Is it OK if she has kids? Using this info along with your other questionnaire responses, eHarmony recommends potential dates. Easy!

What if I want a serious relationship?

Yeah, I know, having that someone special who is your one-and-only is super-cool. But before you can meet ‘the one’ you’re going to have to date. Instead of dating in order to determine whether you’re compatible, you can shortcut the whole process by working out if you have a good chance of being compatible online, before the first date.

That’s one of the main reasons why online dating for men is so popular. Dating women only to find that you have nothing in common and can’t stand each other is a waste of your time and money. At least with online dating, single men can have a better chance of finding women whose company they’ll enjoy.

Thousands of long-term couples met online. eHarmony alone is responsible for 439 marriages every day. And that’s just the ones they know about!

Online dating for men isn’t just ‘a’ way to meet compatible women. I’m betting that it’s ‘the best’ way to go about it. Go ahead! Try it!